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AMC - Onsite/Offline

As we say 80% of Tally User, only use 20% of its features , as they are not aware of Tally Prime Capability of handling complicated process with ease. To come out it, we offer AMC to completely utilize all the features available in tally as per their business needs. Our AMC Package varies based on the usage of Tally Features, Package starts from Rs.2700 and max till Rs.60000.

We have a Team who have vast knowledge of Tally and well trained with domain knowledge to understand and solve issue in quick time.

  • Remote / Offline AMC

In Offline AMC, unlimited support will be given thru Telephone, email or thru Teamviewer / Anydesk for issues such as Licensing, Data or configuration issues.

  • Onsite AMC

Onsite AMC is applicable where customer requests for Limited Onsite visit plan or Unlimited visits Plan, Most of the Onsite AMC will be for companies who are using Multi User License with most of the Tally Features usage along with Customized Solutions.