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Multi Branch Centralized Payment & Receipt Module

As the name suggests, this module can be used where Company has Centralized Bank @ Head Office for accounting receipt and Payment of Branches. Applicability of this Module

  • Company has Multiple Branches
  • Payments and Receipts are from Head Office Bank
  • Avoid creation of Virtual bank in Branches
  • AUTO JV entry in Branch for Payment or Receipt entry in Head Office
Multi Branch Receipt Payment Module
    Centralized Payment & Receipt Entries related to Branches @ Head Office
  • Since Collections and Payments are transacted from Head Office Bank, Option will be given in Head office for selecting Branch-wise Supplier?s and Customer?s Pending Bills for Making payment & Receipt.

  • Auto posting of Reversal Entries (Journal Entries) in Branches
  • Once the payment or Receipt Entry is saved in Head Office (Centralized bank Company), Reversal of this Entry will get posted automatically in Branch Company.