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Integration means connecting other Applications with Tally or vise versa for read or write of Data, Tally Prime has the capability for integrating with Third Party Applications or data base like Excel, SQL or Web service using XML. For connecting Third party Applicable thru web-service , Third party API is mandatory.

Integration saves Time, Cost of Manpower, avoid Redundancy(Repetitive work), reduces Error due to Data Entry, Quick and Simple to use.

Below are some of types of Integration which we have already developed for many customers, We have almost completed almost 100 Installations of Excel to Tally Module

  • Master Import
    • Item Masters, Ledger Masters, Stock Group Masters, Ledger Group Masters & Cost Centre Masters
  • Transactions Import
    • Accounts Vouchers Import
      • Payments, Receipts & Contra
      • Sales, Purchase & Journal
      • Sales and Purchase with Inventory
    • Inventory Vouchers Import
      • Sales orders
      • Purchase Orders
      • Delivery Note & Receipt Note
      • Stock Journal
      • Physical Stock
SQL to Tally
  • Download Data
    • Import Data from MySQL or SQL Server DB to Tally seamlessly without manual Intervention.
  • Upload of Data
    • Upload Data from Tally to MYSQL or SQL Server DB without any manual Intervention.
  • Import data from Third Party Applications thru Json or XML
    • Download of Data from Web service to Tally using XML format with Basic Authentication.
    • Upload Data from Tally to webservice using XML format with Basic Authentication.

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API Integration

Tally Integration API is a solution needed for seamless data exchange between Tally & any other database or application. When an organisation is using multiple, disparate applications, TallyPrime integration can help to centralize data & streamline tasks for better visibility & enhanced efficiency